It’s a Tax Stupid!

It’s really simple. 

The democrats on the left love to take our money and spend it.  There are two ways the government can acquire money to spend.  They can tax you or print it.

Raising taxes makes it obvious who the culprits are.

Printing money is more subtle and hides the fact of what is taking place.  When money is printed, the value instantly goes down.  More money supply means everything costs more.  The federal government under Joe Biden and the democratically controlled congress has passed multi-Trillian dollar programs funded by printing more money.  As money supply goes up, the prices of goods and services go up.  The value of your hard-earned dollars goes down.

With inflation running at close to 10%, everyone has just effectively had a tax increase.  Yes.  Joe Biden and the democrats have indirectly just taxed you 10% of your income by printing more money.  The trick is it makes it easier to blame others instead of taking responsibility themselves.

In many sectors, inflation is running significantly higher than 10%.  Fuel costs have gone up over 100%.  Food costs have gone up higher than 10%.  Those with low income or retired with a fixed income feel it hard.  The democrats love to tout how they help the elderly and poor.  Well, the democrats just handed out the biggest tax increase to the elderly and poor in recent times.  Thank you, Joe Biden and the democrats!

At the state level, I intend to vote to hold taxes at or below where they are now and exercise fiscal restraint.

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