I believe many today don’t understand or deliberately mischaracterize what true freedom is. Freedom is not doing whatever you want with no accountability. It means the freedom to live out our God given potential without interference or punishment merely for the sake of our beliefs.

The left is redefining “freedom” on one hand to be a license for immorality and criminal behavior while characterizing conservative beliefs as standing against their “freedom.” Our freedom is granted by God or the “Creator” as stated in the Declaration of Independence. Governments are not the givers of freedom but are tasked to protect freedom.

As written in our state constitution (Art. 2.), “All men have certain natural, essential, and inherent rights among which are, the enjoying and defending life and liberty; acquiring, possessing, and protecting, property; and, in a word, of seeking and obtaining happiness.”

With our freedom comes the responsibility of government to defend it for all citizens without regard to personal or religious beliefs.

Freedom has never been, nor will it ever be FREE

Doug and Jacki in front of their camper, “The Freedom Express.”
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