Join me in bringing true Faith, Family Values and Freedom back to New Hampshire!

America and New Hampshire are long overdue for change that brings our state back to the Judeo-Christian values that inspired our motto:

“Live Free or Die”

To bring about this change, we need individuals with unwavering courage who will dedicate themselves to give freely of their time, talents, and money. Not one of us can do this alone but with the help of our like-minded brothers and sisters, we will become a mighty force for change. Will choose today to take a stand with me and stop the assault on our treasured New Hampshire way of Life and Liberty?

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History of the New Hampshire Motto

The New Hampshire motto derives from a letter written by General John Stark on July 31, 1809. Stark was a New Hampshire–born war hero, having served as an officer in the British army during the French and Indian War and a major general of the Continental Army during the American Revolution. Stark led troops at the Battle of Bunker Hill and later at the Battle of Bennington, where a strategic victory earned him the nickname “the Hero of Bennington.”

Thirty-two years later, Stark, then in failing health, was invited to a reunion of Battle of Bennington veterans, but he was not well enough to travel. He sent a letter in reply (the full text of which can be read in his son Caleb Stark’s 1860 book, Memoir and Official Correspondence of Gen. John Stark), noting that he’d never forget the troops he commanded in Bennington… As an afterword to the letter, Stark included a brief passage to be read as a toast to the veterans: “Live free or die. Death is not the greatest of evils.”

new hampshire motto

Statue of General John Stark at the Bennington Battle Monument in Bennington, Vermont.

Wikimedia Commons/Joe Mabel

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